Welcome to our consent underwear brand! We are a company that is dedicated to promoting and advocating for the importance of consent in all aspects of life. We believe that normalizing conversations around consent is the start to ending rape culture.  

What sets Assk First apart is our commitment to action. That's why we're proud to pledge that 100% of the proceeds from every Assk First purchase go directly to SafeBAE – an organization dedicated to providing sexual assault prevention education programs for middle and high schoolers. Together, we're investing in the future, equipping young minds with the knowledge and tools to create a safer and more respectful world.

Our brand was born out of a need for a product that could help facilitate conversations about consent in a comfortable and accessible way. We understand that talking about consent can be difficult, but we also know that it is necessary. That's why we created our line of underwear that advocates for consent with the language on it.

Our underwear designs feature messages that promote the importance of consent, such as "did i say yes?" "are we sober?" and "get consent." We believe that these messages can help start important conversations about consent, and that wearing our underwear can be a way to show your support for consent culture.

We also aim to provide a safe and supportive community for survivors of sexual assault. We know that healing from trauma can be a difficult journey, and we want to offer our support to those who have been impacted by sexual violence. Our brand is meant to advocate for consent in our regular lives, and to create a space where survivors can feel seen and heard.

At the same time, we are working to change the culture around sexual assault and end rape culture. We want to challenge the harmful attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate sexual violence, and we believe that our brand can be a part of this important work.

Thank you for supporting our brand and our mission. Together, we can create a world where consent is respected and valued, where survivors are supported and uplifted, and where rape culture no longer exists.

Ella O'Neal
My name is Ella Fairon and for years I have worked as an advocate and educator for sexual assault survivors, trafficking victims, victims of abuse, and those who suffer from PTSD. After being raped at 14 years old, I have dedicated a large portion of my life to education and prevention of sexual assault amongst high school aged students.
Over the past decade, I've been dedicated to amplifying the voices of survivors and driving impactful change. Through tireless activism, education, and outreach, I've partnered with organizations and communities to challenge norms, shatter stigmas, and create spaces of healing.

My commitment to this cause led me to receive the esteemed Bravery Award from the State of California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. This recognition underscores the strength of our collective efforts and fuels my determination to keep pushing forward.

My journey is not just mine alone. It's a journey we share, one that unites survivors, allies, and advocates in a tapestry of courage and compassion. Together, we're weaving a future where every voice is heard, where support knows no bounds, and where survivors emerge not just as victors, but as thrivers.

Through my work, I've come to understand that each survivor's story is a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. I invite you to join me on this journey of empowerment, where together we can turn pain into purpose, raise our voices against injustice, and foster a world where empathy is the driving force behind every action.

Thank you for being part of this ongoing narrative of strength, resilience, and transformation. Let's continue to stand hand in hand, and rewrite the story of empowerment for survivors everywhere.