My name is Ella Fairon and for years I have worked as an advocate and educator for sexual assault survivors, trafficking victims, victims of abuse, and those who suffer from PTSD. After being raped at 14 years old, I have dedicated a large portion of my life to education and prevention of sexual assault amongst high school aged students. It’s this work that brought me together with my best friend and fellow survivor, Cat Daisy Coleman (Daisy). 
My friendship with Daisy has been a guiding light for a lot of aspects of my life from personal strength to professional ambitions. We met 6 years ago during the filming of the Netflix Doc “Audrie and Daisy” and have since founded and operated SafeBAE with the help of family members, friends, and other advocates and survivors. Between Daisy and I, the relationship was more like sisters, and the more work we did together, the more priceless that bond had become.  
I am so excited to introduce you to Assk First: A Consent Panty Line! Our panties are thoughtfully made with a stretchy, breathable fabric, partnered with hand drawn designs that influence consent in a creative way. To start off the launch of our brand, we are releasing three unique and stylish collections! Each collection comes with 6 panties and 6 exclusive designs. 
Our first collection, and the one pictured with the campaign, is “The Consent Cat Collection.” This collection is very special to my heart, as it embodies Daisy’s spirit and style and I know she would love it. The cats were inspired by her ferocious spirit and of course, her name.  As consent is something that she and I have traveled the world to teach to teens and young adults, I know that this line would truly be a work that she would be proud of.  And each package will include information about ways to get involved in our culture changing work with youth and learn more about consent!  And ALL PROCEEDS GO TO SUPPORT OUR NON-PROFIT WORK AT SAFEBAE!
Our eventual goal is to move from these three collections to a broader line of products that include men’s consent under garments, outerwear, and personal safety ‘tool kit’ that helps young people understand and enforce consent with confidence.